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"Where We Bring Biblical Stories To Life"

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What's "A Silent Night in Harlem-the Gift" about:

This show is a sequel to the 2019 epic Holiday drama which tells the story of Dorothy Mae Bohannan and her 3 fascinating daughters: Cora Lee (A Beautician at Bessie's Beauty Shop); Gertrude Irene (A Maid for the Parkers of Manhattan); and Anniebelle (A Cigarette Girl at the Savoy Ballroom). There story takes a most unforgettable turn as the surmounting jolts and twists and more family secrets come to light during Christmas time in Harlem. The Bohannans - along with their sassy/classy friend and neighbor "Mabel" take you on vivid journey that will leave you breathless! The saga continues with Josephine and Priscilla as they travel back southward in search of a most memorable and precious gift!


What's "King David's King in Bethlehem" about:

Come travel back in time to the old testament for this ancient story of gold as we trace THE WORD through the lineage of King David. This is one CHRISTmas story you won't soon forget! Come witness this riveting tale of love, greed and murder (yes, murder!); only to culminate with a glorious summation of Musical favorites the whole family will enjoy! DON'T MISS: "King David's King in Bethlehem"