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Posted on April 15, 2020 at 9:41 PM Comments comments (21)
Okay, so I remember a song looong time ago called CORINA! CORINA! and I believe Mr. Lloyd Price used to sing it (somebody please correct me if I'm wrong). But whether you pronounce it CORONA or CORINA (Mother Mattie Mae Jenkins) - this virus has surely, and some in more devasting ways than others!

Several lives have been lost and recovered (I know of many  people who have done both) - but nonetheless we continue to trust Jehovah as we wait out this storm!   Some people have called our current situation a Plague, others have called it Judgement and some have said it's flat-out-the Hand of God upon the World.  Me?  I say it's ALL THREE!

So, as in the days of "Thunder and Lightning" - when the old folks would say "Y'all kids sit down, be still and listen while the Lord does His work" - it's juuuust what the Genesis Theatre Company plans on doing!

So in the midst of this global Pandemic of COVID-19, The Genesis Theatre Company will: sit down, be still and "watch" while the Lord does His Handy Work.  And prayerfully when it's all over (for this too shall pass) - we will be ready to share with the world what God has shared with us during this...time...of..."Silence!"

It is my utmost prayer that during this solemn time of reflection - that you and your family will:   
Be Well, and Stay Safe!        Peace!