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It's Christmas Time in Harlem...

Posted on August 24, 2019 at 4:01 PM Comments comments (97)
Harlem!  I've always wanted to live in Harlem, NY - even if it was just for only 30 days!  I once told my Grandparents Jack & Pete that I believed I'd been on the earth before, prior to my initial arrival in July of 1966.  I told them that I believed the year was 1955, and that I 24 years old and living in Harlem!  

It's been said that Writers can only write about what they know and feel - and with said I know that I am at least 35 years behind the time that I was blessed to arrive on earth.

Family has always been the focal point of my life - and thus this brings us to our next show - "A SILENT NIGHT IN HARLEM" - which is set around the Bohannan Family, in 1955 at Christmas time. This show is filled with delectable delights that are sure to leave you full of joy this Holiday Season!